Mobile Roulette

Welcome to A site which focuses on mobile betting, gambling and gaming , paying special attention to playing roulette on all your mobile devices. There is an ever increasing trend for players to be using their mobile devices for betting and gaming. This growing popularity is down to a number of factors, but the main ones are widespread use and growth of mobile technology, stable mobile betting platforms, secure mobile applications, improvements in network connectivity, and an ever increasing acceptance of gaming by the general public.

History of Roulette
The roulette game has its origins in France where it was created and became public in the 17th Century. The game as we know it now, has been around in Paris since 1796; and has become one of the most well known and popular games both in land based casinos and online.

As online casinos became widespread and accepted, players started investing a lot more time on the online tables as opposed to land based casinos. The online casinos also introduced the gaming and gambling excitement to a worldwide audience, to players who would have never have dreamed of walking into a casino, never mind playing roulette!

Advantages of Mobile Roulette
Players were always happy to play online, and for years we have been avoiding using mobile devices, but now as technology, mobile devices, mobile networks and gaming solutions have improved players can now feel comfortable and trust mobile casino games.

There are many advantages of being able to play roulette on your mobile device, whether it be on an android handset, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad or tablet. The number one advantage has got to be convenience. Players now have access to their favourite online casino roulette games anytime they want. Think of it, whilst waiting for a bus, train, doctor’s appointment, whilst shopping with the family, in the bar, just to name a few instances, the list is endless!

Another advantage is that since playing roulette on your mobile means that mobile roulette betting can be done anywhere and anytime; it therefore ensures that that special tournaments, special prize draws, promotions and winnings are never missed again. Remember missing all those time sensitive tournaments and deposit matching bonuses, well that is definitely a thing of the past. Playing mobile roulette means that no matter how little time one has, there will always be the opportunity to login in and get that extra bonus or winning bet.

Also, we all know that there are days or times when there aren’t enough hours in the day, with unexpected meetings or personal issues to look after. At those times players usually miss their regular time set aside to play their favorite roulette game online and more often than not, it probably would have helped with all the stress endured at that time. Mobile roulette solves this, by making sure players have their daily ‘fix’, without having to be sitting in front of a computer or laptop.

The bottom line is that mobile roulette means that the player has 24/7 access to their casino account and games, something that no other platform can promise or provide.

How to Download
Players who have never before played on their mobile devices may think getting started is complicated and requires expert advice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone in the gaming/gambling industry will testify that gaming operators always strive to make every stage of a player’s gaming experience as enjoyable and easy as possible, so that all the player’s focus and attention is on playing in their favorite casino. To play mobile roulette on any mobile device retains this basic principle of casino operators and bookmakers.

To begin with one must understand the difference between an app (mobile app, ipad apps, etc) and a web based casino game. An app or application will need to be downloaded to your mobile device, in contrast to a web based game which can accessed via your mobile device browser. There are pros and cons to using one or the other here. The web based game obviously requires no download, and thus will not take up any storage space on your mobile device. Also some players are adverse to downloading anything on their devices for fear of viruses etc. Apps on the other hand are more stable, secure and ‘fit’ better on one’s device as they specifically designed for the mobile device.

For all apps, one must always ensure the app is suitable for your mobile device. Usually, this is an easy process of choosing your device from a drop down list, which then generates the appropriate app for the specific device. Whether one selects a web based gaming experience or app, it is probably best to make sure that one registers and deposits online with whichever online casino one decides to go with mobile wise. although it must be stated that quite a few apps now does allow for mobile registration and cash deposits.